We are Imagry

We are Imagry, an autonomous technologies software provider, and we have created a mapless autonomous driving solution.

Computer Vision Introducing

Pushing the limits of AI and Computer Vision and Deep Learning, introducing a system that sees the road, learns, and plans in real time...

Constant situational awareness


Human like cognitive performance

Learning AI

Video Section
Bio-Inspired Approach

A Bio-inspired Approach for Autonomous Technologies

Our technology combines real-time visuo-spatial perception and imitation-learning based motion decision making.



A real-time image recognition system that uses a video feed to produce a reliable top-down view of the environment around the vehicle

  • Scans 360° using VIS (visible imaging sensor) cameras
  • Projects to a range of 200 meters
  • Detects and perceives road geometry and markings, traffic signals and traffic signs, and extrapolates to trajectories and velocities
  • Delivers input of surroundings and situational awareness for motion-planning



A spatial DCNN (deep convolutional neural network) that learns how to drive by imitating human driving behavior

  • Able to respond to new and unforeseen situations
  • Makes data-driven complex decisions relying on what it perceives in real-time
  • Does not require a large investment in rule-based code writing and verification
Imitating The Best Drivers

Imitating the Best Drivers

  • Sharp vision 360 degree camera environment scans
  • High intelligence Learning by observation and imitation, making real time data-driven complex decisions
  • Fast Thinking & Reflex Simple design, End-To-End fast processing
  • Safety intentions Mimicking a human driver’s psychological maturity (innate survival and danger avoidance)
  • Vast Experience Strong driving record on public roads in multiple locations
Imagry’s Software Stack

Imagry’s Software Stack

Designed with Simplicity

A simple design unbound to external data sources or high bandwidth communication.

  • No HD maps
  • No multi-sensor fusion

Minimizing risks: A code by hand based system.

  • less prone to errors, relative to complex IT systems
  • Immune to communication and cyber security problems

Maximizing Efficiency: A fully self-sufficient vision-based system.

  • Saves RADAR and LiDAR costs
  • Saves expensive and complex simultaneous localization and mapping processes

Designed for Versatility

A hardware agnostic design fitting one software stack for most vehicle types and a diverse portfolio of autonomous technologies. At home, work, or out on the streets and in public spaces, we enhance people’s lives everywhere.

  • Cars
  • Urban shuttles
  • Sidewalk delivery
  • Advanced driving assistance
  • Logistics, robotics and industrial applications

Designed to Scale

A scalable system, able to drive most places
at most times under most conditions.
With adjustability to new roads and adaptability to unforeseen events, our system is heading global.