Mapless AI-Based Autonomous Driving

Economical, easily deployed, SAE L3/L4 software solution for cars and buses
Imagry’s AI-based autonomous driving software solution enables the self-driving vehicle to understand the road as it goes and reacts to dynamic contexts and environments, just like a skilled human driver.
It enables lower-cost, mass-scale, commercial deployment of autonomous vehicles, globally.


Our real-time vision-based perception network requires no HD maps, thereby avoiding expensive and complex mapping, localization, and communication issues.
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Hardware Agnostic

Lean and efficient engineering, flexible hardware requirements, and a platform for easy integration into various self-driving vehicles and settings make our versatile SAE L3/L4 solution easily deployable.

Location Independent

Roll-out is scalable to new locations, worldwide, based on fast, small-scale localized adaptation performed as an over-the-air software upgrade to the system.


Safety is at the heart of Imagry's autonomous driving software solution, embedded deep within our bio-inspired technology
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Our Distinction

Perception Stack

A real-time image recognition system that uses a video feed to produce a reliable top-down view of the environment around the vehicle.

Motion Planning Stack

A spatial DCNN (Deep Convolutional Neural Network) that learns how to drive by imitating human driving behavior.

Key Benefits

Self-Driving Ready
Mapless Driving
Deep Neural Networks
Hardware Agnostic
Location Independent
Fits Many Applications

Self-Driving Ready

Our SAE L3/L4 software includes both perception and motion planning technologies that add autonomous capabilities to your vehicle.

Mapless Driving

No HD maps required!
Multiple 360° strategically-located cameras collect all necessary information in real time.

Deep Neural Networks

Our bio-inspired neural network learns how to operate the vehicle by imitating skilled human driving behavior.

Hardware Agnostic

Compatibility with a wide range of components (e.g., computing platforms, cameras, etc.) means low switching costs to our solution.


All elements required for SAE L3/L4 autonomous driving are contained within the vehicle.

Location Independent

Built-in adjustability to new roads and adaptability to situations as they happen makes our solution truly generalized.

Fits Many Applications

Our flexible solution can integrate easily with other automotive applications.

Solving the Challenges


Self-Driving Passenger Vehicles
Easy deployment
Continuously improving
Customizable Over The Air (OTA)


Autonomous Buses & Shuttles
Supports underserved populations
Addresses driver shortage
Promotes clean energy
Public perception and acceptance
Reduces road congestion

Use Cases

Autonomous buses

Public Bus in Nahariya, Israel

Imagry is operating a public bus pilot program on an 8 km route in the city of Nahariya.
Self-driving passenger vehicles

Parking Spot Detection

Imagry software identifies available parking spots on route, as well as in both covered and outdoor lots.
Autonomous shuttles

Shuttle in Sheba Medical Center

Imagry has commenced operation of an autonomous shuttle in the region’s largest medical facility.

Already Driving on 4 Continents

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Who is Imagry?

Imagry is a self-driving software company that was established in 2015 for high-end computer vision applications. It has been specializing in the automotive sector since 2018. Imagry is an autonomous driving software provider that has created a mapless driving system, based on Artificial Intelligence (AI). We are proud to have a diverse and inclusive workforce that reflects our strong commitment to equal opportunity and peaceful co-existence based on mutual respect and economic prosperity.

We have developed hardware-agnostic, bio-inspired neural networks technology that enables SAE L3/L4 autonomous driving without relying on HD maps. Our solution uses real-time vision-based perception, and supervised learning AI, to create a driving decision-making network that can navigate unfamiliar roads and respond to dynamic situations and environments, just like a skilled human driver would.

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