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Imagry - Autonomous Driving (AD) Software Company

Imagry is an Autonomous Driving (AD) software company that has created an AI-based HD-mapless L3/L4 self-driving system.
Designed for both self-driving passenger vehicles and buses, Imagry's AI-based autonomous driving solutions have been selected by Tier-1 suppliers and OEMs.

Bio-Inspired Technology

Our bio-inspired technology combines real-time vision-based perception and imitation-learning artificial intelligence (AI) for a driving decision-making network that is economical, easily deployable, and scalable.

Location Independent

Our unique AI-based location-independent technology enables the rapid deployment of autonomous vehicles on unknown roads. It uses low-cost sensors and eliminates the need for a continuous satellite connection or multiple investments for digital HD mapping of roads and cities.

Imagry’s AI-based Autonomous Driving software solution is currently deployed in two public transportation projects in Israel, and has been chosen by the third largest Tier-1 supplier Continental for inclusion in their autonomous driving platform for passenger cars.

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Imagry’s Core Competencies

Allowing us to drive on public roads as well as offroad, location independent AI-based autonomous driving software for all practical purposes
Machine Learning
Strong machine learning, AI, and image recognition IP, resulting in a software stack that mimics true human driving capabilities as proven in numerous urban driving scenarios across multiple cities and self-driving vehicles
software defined vehicle2
Software-Defined Vehicle (SDV) ready platform
Hardware Agnostic
Hardware-agnostic to allow easy and economical integration of autonomous driving software in varied automobile models and trims
Autonomous Bus
Integrated L4 autonomous driving bus solution with an electric bus (6.6 meters)
Driving autonomously on public roads since 2019, currently in the U.S., Germany, Japan, and Israel.

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