Breakthrough in Autonomous Parking: Imagry’s Location-Independent Solution

October 19, 2023

In today’s ever-evolving automotive landscape, the integration of driving assistance technologies has become commonplace, ranging from valet parking, to lane-keeping assistance, to cruise control. However, one missing link in the evolution of autonomous vehicles has been the ability to drive autonomously and identify valid parking spots in both open and closed lots. This is where Imagry‘s groundbreaking HD-mapless, hardware-agnostic, and location-independent technology excels, as exemplified by our recent partnership with Continental.

Let’s delve deeper into why Imagry’s autonomous parking solution outshines the competition:

🌐 Unparalleled Scalability: Other autonomous parking systems, such as the one recently announced by Mercedes-Benz Group AG, rely heavily on third-party intelligent infrastructure upgrade. While effective in specific environments, these systems are limited in geographical scalability. In contrast, Imagry’s location-independent technology doesn’t rely on specialized infrastructure, offering remarkable versatility and adaptability in various environments, including both covered parking garages and open parking lots. 

📅 Reservation-Free Convenience: Certain autonomous parking systems obligate drivers to pre-book specific parking spaces, rendering them effective solely in areas with established reservation systems. This reliance on pre-allocated spaces can be restrictive and cumbersome. Imagry’s AI-driven solution, however, removes these constraints. It operates independently of pre-mapped areas and reservation requirements, making it adaptable to various geographic regions and parking scenarios. Our technology is designed for full automation, allowing vehicles to autonomously explore parking areas in real-time, identify suitable spots, and complete parking maneuvers without any driver intervention. Imagry’s fundamental philosophy centers on simplifying the user experience. It circumvents the reliance on intricate mobile applications or pre-booking mechanisms. Instead, it empowers users with a seamless, intuitive autonomous parking experience.

🚗 Accessible to All Vehicles: Other autonomous parking solutions are limited to specific vehicle models equipped with proprietary hardware, making it challenging for users to access new features without replacing their vehicles. For example, the Mercedes-Benz solution mentioned above is supported only on their S-Class model. This limitation was also demonstrated by Tesla‘s cost-saving decision to remove ultrasonic parking sensors (USS) from its newer models, resulting in the loss of features like Autopark and Smart Summon. Tesla introduced a camera-only Vision system through a software update, but it too had its limitations – this feature was exclusively available to vehicles without USS and limited to Full Self-Driving (FSD) buyers in North America who had applied for Beta access.

Tesla’s move highlights the industry’s shift from hardware-dependent to software-defined vehicles. At Imagry, we embrace this trend, offering a hardware-agnostic, location-independent solution that integrates into various vehicle models, welcoming post-factory software upgrades. Our approach aligns with the broader industry shift to software-defined vehicles, making flexible autonomous parking features accessible across different models and locations.

💰 Cost-Effective Implementation: The implementation of a driverless end-to-end parking solution often necessitates substantial investments in infrastructure and hardware, including the installation of compatible systems in designated parking areas. These capital-intensive endeavors translate into higher costs for customers. In contrast, Imagry’s solution leverages cost-effective sensors and sidesteps the necessity for extensive digital mapping of roads and cities.

As we venture forth, Imagry remains committed to redefining the landscape of autonomous driving and parking, establishing new benchmarks in innovation and adaptability. Check out the video below to see our self-parking solution in action:

Demonstration of Imagry’s location-independent autonomous parking spot detection capability at the company’s headquarters in San Jose, California.

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