First Autonomous Shuttle Starts it Journey at Sheba

February 15, 2023
First Autonomous Shuttle Starts it Journey at Sheba

Bring out the 🍾! Today the first-ever autonomous bus in Israel has started its journey at the Sheba Tel HaShomer City of Health medical center, the largest hospital in the Middle East. The bus is based on the Imagry mapless autonomous driving solution.

This pilot will showcase the efficacy of the Imagry solution, which is location-independent, hardware-agnostic, and self-sufficient.

Autonomous driving (AD) in public transportation is projected to decrease the number of traffic accidents, reduce the use of fossil fuels, and improve social equality. Furthermore, AD will encourage more travelers to use public transportation.

We urge additional transportation operators to join the autonomous revolution. Partner with us for a fast, effective, and economical way to advance your fleet to the future of mobility.