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First Autonomous Bus Reaches Haifa

The first bus that will operate using the Imagry autonomous driving platform has been delivered to us from the manufacturer Otokar via the Haifa port. This is a very exciting stage in our program to launch the first autonomous shuttle with Imagry mapless technology in Israel. Stay tuned for next steps on the road to full autonomy!

NoCamels Imagry Test Drive Live Photo

Tech Journalist Takes a Test Drive with Imagry

We recently had the pleasure of hosting John Jeffay, editor at NoCamels, for a visit to our offices in Haifa and a test drive in our self-driving passenger car. John wrote a detailed article about his adventure, complete with still photos and videos captured during the event.

John notes: “Instead of following a set of rules, designed to cover every eventuality, like other systems, it learns, like humans, from experience.”

Read the full article here: Hands-Free: Driverless Software That Thinks Like A Human (nocamels.com)